Professional Testimonials

Regardless of the role, Mary Ellen is an individual who uses key collaborative skills to make necessary changes while preserving the excellence and traditions of the organization.  She has the ability to integrate her creativity with organizational structures that provide sustainability for her ideas and initiatives.

She understands the fiscal, political, strategic, and organizational factors that are embedded in change

at every level. Her insightful perspectives have enhanced learning for many.

Suzanne L. Gilmour, Ph.D.
Education Department Chair
Director of Graduate Education Programs, Le Moyne College

This is an amazing story. It takes place in the North Country (upstate New York, near Canada), in a rural school that is located near Fort Drum,** the U.S. army base, home of the 10th Mountain Division.

The authors are caring women who have invested a great deal in their profession because they care so deeply about their students.

Mary Ellen and Swaz don’t accept that things can’t be done because there is no money for it or because there is no precedent for it in schools. Instead, their students always come first as they invent, convince, search, implement, and manipulate whatever is in their students’ best interests.

Mary Ellen and Françoise are cutting edge teachers as they dive headlong into the areas of interdisciplinary curriculum development, technology, team teaching, global communication, at-risk students, multi-age grouping and curriculum relevancy. The culmination of all of their efforts has resulted in the delivery of a landmark course entitled, "I am a Citizen of the World.

Jacquelyn Kibbey

Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction BA, MA, PhD, Ohio State U.

1988 NATIONAL ART EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Higher Education Division Regional Awards Art Coordinator for the Fairbanks Public School District, Fairbanks Alaska.

"It’s always a pleasure working with folks who are committed to kids – when all of the dust settles, that’s what matters most.  And, that’s where the beauty lies.”

                                                                                                                               Laura Bourcy,   Grant writer

"Along with a revitalized focus on the STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), the teachers and students have shifted their approach to education from a lecture model to a collaborative learning model."      (excerpt from final report on Depatment of Defense Education Activity grant  by...)

                                                                                   Paul Jivoff 

                                                                         Office of Professional Research and Development, Syracuse University​

I believe that your efforts raised an awareness with our teachers in terms of the need to have students work in cohesive, collaborative teams.  Many of our teachers have adopted that same approach with their individual classes.     

                                             Mr. Kyle Faulkner, District Superintendent

During her time at Alexandria Central School, Mrs. Shevalier worked tirelessly with teachers and students to help implement 21st century skills into the classrooms. Mrs. Shevalier’s calm and kind demeanor helped teachers use new technology in their classrooms that once seemed out of reach. Mrs. Shevalier’s impact can still be seen today in our classrooms, especially in the area of teamwork. As each new school year begins, it is evident that the students are well versed in the area of teamwork and take over their assigned team roles with ease. As a classroom teacher, it gives me more time to instruct my students and more time for them to produce meaningful results as a team. The guidance that Mrs. Shevalier provided here at ACS is invaluable!

                                                                                                                               Mrs. Ascough         Department: Foreign Language - French

Mary Ellen Shevalier provided personalized and highly effective professional development to the faculty at Immaculate Heart Jr. / Sr. High School.
The design of her work clearly identified school needs, program needs and teacher needs.  She then prescriptively provided knowledge and skills that allowed teachers to collaborate and foster a truly effectively professional learning community.  This work resulted in higher student engagement within the first year.  Additionally, her ongoing support will contribute to sustainability for IHC.

Lisa Parsons
Jr. / Sr. High School Principal
Immaculate Heart Central School

This review is from: World Class, The Re-education of America (Paperback)

World Class The Re-education of America

As a veteran teacher with 34 years of experience in public education, I recommend World Class The Re-education of America as a thought provoking must read for all educators - regardless of experience, subject area or grade level. The authors, Françoise Piron and Mary Ellen Shevalier, make a challenging argument for examining our current practices in public education. Taking into account Tapscott's 8 norms of the Net Generation and their own personal interactions with students over the years, they make the case that we cannot continue to try to educate this generation's youth the way we did a century ago. The authors explain their journey of realization and how they ultimately designed their Media Literacy course with today's youth in mind.

Having read half of this book one evening, I found myself awake early on a Saturday morning thinking of the implications of what I had read for my own classroom. I was compelled to get up to finish the book. I urge all with any connection to education to read this book and take up the challenge offered by the authors that we each carefully re-examine our educational philosophy and practice.

Sue Hochmuth

Spanish Teacher, Sackets Harbor CSD, Sackets Harbor, NY