Who will benefit most from my services?

Because of my thirty years of experience in education, I believe it is a natural fit that my services benefit, Teachers, Administrators and students. Yes, I said students, you may consider hiring me for special student seminars while your teachers gain valuable collaboration time! 
Educational institutions or departments within the institution will also benefit.​​​

Because I focus on the current strengths within an individual, and how those strengths might be "re~invented" to benefit themselves and others; a natural extension of those who will benefit are: large and small businesses entrepreneurs, teams of colleagues, Boards of Directors and Boards of Education,

Those in Leadership roles, Business leaders, Community Leaders, Political leaders,  and anyone sincerely wishing to advance, grow, and succeed!​​

Join the movement...the movement Forward!


Moving forward is a matter of making a decision to do so!


Moving Forward is about becoming un-stuck!


Moving Forward is  an invitation to collaborate and multiply our strengths and success!


Moving Forward implies improvement, change, evolution, progress!


Moving Forward is to make a current status or situation better; whether in education,  business or a personal quest.