What institution produces the greatest resource in the world and has the greatest potential influence on the planet? Which global business holds the key to world peace and employs both professionals and those called to it as a vocation? Why do some of the various branches of this institution thrive while others are stagnant or barely survive? The answers to these questions and more can be found in Espirit, The Hope for World Peace! This is a book that challenges all stakeholders in education; from parent to administrator to government leader. It begs to raise consciousness to the possibility of education as the pathway to a life of peace and prosperity. It calls for equal development of mind and spirit that begins in the classroom and has the potential to spread throughout community and beyond. Co-Author of World Class, The Re-education of America,(2010, Sheviron, LLC, NY,) Shevalier, highlights her country and Catholic roots by using personal, biblical and historical stories to reach past both to an audience without boundaries. She boldly illustrates the transformative power of intentionally illuminating mind and spirit in an educational setting.   This book calls teachers to discern their work, which for some is a vocation. It inspires teachers to embrace the great privilege of serving children and beckons all members of society to hold a reverence for the importance of their mission.   The author shares a shift in perspective that unveils timeless truths to empower teachers and liberate school systems regardless of current fads, mandates or resources. For those ready to take a leap of faith, it provides practical strategies at the end of each chapter that for some require nothing more than a shift in teaching style. It is a book filled with hope and cause for celebration as we collectively persevere to do what is right in education…for our children and the world!

"The greatest indicator of society's success is reflected in our humanity. Regardless of current fads and mandates, education's highest calling is to equally inspire the minds and spirits of students to respect self, embrace diversity and work in natural collaboration to establish real paths to authentic discovery, prosperity and harmony."